Container Board

At Vinaya Mart, we sell strong and durable containerboard characterized by great printability. Containerboard (or, cardboard) is used to make corrugated boxes. It is also known as CCM, i.e., corrugated case material.

They are versatile, lightweight, and strong which is why containerboard is the favored packaging material in most industries. They have industrial and retail applications and are used in packing fresh fruits and produce, electronics, etc.

Not only are they recyclable, but they are also made from recycled paper. This makes containerboards one of the most eco-responsible paper products available in the market today.

Apart from recycled containerboard, we also provide virgin kraft containerboard made from virgin pulp.

Containerboard consists of two liner boards with a fluted paper or corrugated medium in between. We offer three types of containerboards – single wall, double wall, and triple wall.

Single wall containerboard has two sheets of linerboard with the fluted corrugated medium in the middle. Double wall containerboard has three sheets of linerboard with two corrugated mediums in between them, whereas triple wall containerboard has four sheets of linerboard with three corrugated mediums in between.

You can choose from a diverse selection of weights, trim widths, and other specifications like recycled content levels.

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