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Corrugating Medium

At Vinaya Mart, we sell strong and durable containerboard characterized by great printability. Containerboard (or, cardboard) is used to make corrugated boxes. It is also known as CCM, i.e., corrugated case material. They are versatile, lightweight, and strong...

White Top Linerboard

White top linerboard is a grade of kraft paper that is white on one side and brown or kraft on the other side. It is used for industrial packaging and making boxes that pack food, consumer durables, etc. A paper product such as the white top linerboard is suited for...

Container Board

Corrugating medium is the paper used to make the corrugated section of a corrugated board. Corrugating medium is made from secondary fiber or recovered paper. It is characterized by the presence of flutes (ridges/aches). Corrugated board typically contains a...

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