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Our History and Achievements

Our History

Vinaya Mart is a global leader in the paper trading industry. We sustainably source and supply various grades of paper products. Our worldwide network of suppliers and customers has led our company to grow and expand as a global contender in the export and import business of paper products. We act as the bridge between paper mills, board mills, and paper product manufacturers and their end-users.

Vinaya Mart is a top contender in the paper trading industry. We have expanded our services by offering them through our sister firm, HN Paper Export Canada Inc,- a paper mill supplier establishment that offers pre-consumer goods along with exemplary services. The various steps we have taken towards our growth and expansion in the field of the paper trading industry has facilitated in forging a pro-Vinaya Mart, stronger market momentum in the global market.

HN Paper Export Canada Inc enhances the market presence of its sister establishment Vinaya Mart. With a strong commitment to supply quality products, HN Paper Export Canada Inc provides paper rolls stock grades as well as waste paper grades of exemplary quality. Like the sister concern, HN Paper Export Canada Inc ensures the customers receive top-notch goods and services under an affordable budget. HN Paper Export Canada Inc and Vinaya Mart together make inroads in the global paper trading scene with simultaneously satisfying the customer needs.

Ever since opening our doors in 2004, we have steadily risen to the top of the global stage. Over the years, our innovative ideas, expertise in sourcing, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery have paved the way for the success and growth of our company. We have built up an illustrious reputation of being a trustworthy supplier of waste paper products.

Our Achievements

Besides paper products, Vinaya Mart sells many different kinds of pulp and packaging material. We specialize in kraft liner board, containerboard, recovered fiber, and so much more.

From the very beginning, we have been committed to making the planet a greener and safer place for the coming generations, which is why we continually work towards reducing our carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly practices that are safe for the environment.

We prioritize health, safety, and the environment above all else when it comes to exporting and importing. We strictly follow all laws and comply with every regulation and standardization.

Founded by Nash Nadarajah in the year 2004, our company is headquartered in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Our Mission,Vision and Core Values


Our mission is to provide value, build trust among customers, and use our global market expertise to continue growing. We will put in consistent effort to implement more sustainable strategies and uphold our social responsibility.


Our vision is to reach the topmost tier of the world’s paper suppliers. We endeavor to be known as the number one trader of every kind of paper product.

Core Values

Commitment to quality – We are committed to providing exceptional quality of paper, pulp, and packaging solutions to all our customers.

Innovative Performance – We strive to achieve excellence in each and everything we do and what drives us to forge ahead in the market place is innovation.

Integrity – We are a business built on integrity. We act with honesty and have always unwaveringly stuck to our moral code in each of our actions and decisions.

Sustainability – We always go with green solutions that are best for the environment and try to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the future of the planet.

Our Subsidiary: V Pathy Enterprises

V Pathy Enterprises is the sister company of Vinaya Mart, in India. Listed in Trade India’s list of verified sellers, This company efficiently handles the operations in India and attends to any problems faced by the customers with a highly rated customer support. Established in 2002, V Pathy is a leading trader of recycling products. You can find a wide range of products starting from tissue paper to old notebooks.

We bridge the gap between the paper mills and end-users. We have taken into account all the environmental factors and have created a peaceful mid-way path between nature and human wants. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we make sure you get the best.

With a worldwide network of suppliers and customers, we have expanded multi-folds. Our exemplary service, high-quality products, and our excellent customer support have helped us to touch great heights. Trust us for availing of the best product in the market.

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